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Documentation and Scheduling

Every project has work tasks that must take place in a required sequence. Each task has a required minimum duration and is followed by tasks that rely on the completion of said predecessor tasks. The interrelationship of the project tasks must be managed to avoid delays that affect project completion and may result in cost over-runs.

Many projects start out with a good plan developed in Microsoft Project, Primavera P6 or other scheduling systems. If the project progress is not monitored continuously, tasks will start to slip with no remediation, resulting in unrecoverable time loss and associated cost increases.

The monitoring of construction progress is an ongoing process that takes practice and perseverance to make it a common and essential part of successful construction management. No matter how good the effort by all involved in the construction process, changes occur. Labor, materials and equipment changes can occur based on availability. Weather factors have a major impact, especially when the construction is still coming out of the ground, or in the process of topping off or closing the skin.

Tectonic Systems will provide monitoring assistance to establish a system that can be maintained by all involved field and management personnel. Once your staff gets into a routine of monitoring, trouble shooting, correcting and improving progress, it will become an ongoing process that will have a positive affect on the bottom line.

Call or email today to discuss and find out how we may help your staff grow and focus on successful management of your projects.

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