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Construction Claim Preparation
Claim Analysis

Documentation support services for Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Arbitration or Litigation will produce a concise and detailed information base for the Client’s Counsel.  The dispute or claim history will be documented through internal “discovery”, review of all project documents and interviews with key personnel.

The compiled information will consist of scanned and digitized documents tracked by a computerized database for organization of documentation by type of problem and level of evidentiary value.  Indexing and retrieval will be available to the Counsel’s research team both electronically and via hard copy.

A variety of reports and indices will identify both project documents and analysis documents including graphics, BIM analysis, 3-D presentations, progress photos and all other documentation elements available.

The organization of a retrievable historical database for the project will be instrumental in the success of the proceeding.

Tectonic Systems, LLC, has the expertise to fully support discovery of the opposing party through electronic gathering of information, scanning and digitizing documents, drawings and electronic communications.  E-Doc capabilities are an absolute must in the technological environment of today’s projects.

Tectonic Systems, LLC has extensive experience in processing tens of thousands of documents and compiling the results of review into a useful and usable knowledgebase for support of legal proceedings

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