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Graphical Analysis

Graphical analysis can be provided for all of the aspects of project monitoring, claims avoidance, dispute resolution and scheduling.  The growing use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) will require our level of expertise to evaluate and /or dispute BIM DOCS provided by others.  BIM and specific 3-D modeling can also produce the visual presentations necessary for informed discussions and negotiation of disputes.

A picture is always “worth a thousand words” and current technology puts the tools in our hands to illustrate conflicts and clashes of building components and mechanical systems.  The live viewing of  a 3-D model that can be rotated and viewed from all angles, with zoom  capabilities to closely examine intersections and component proximity has unprecedented importance in motivating solutions to problems.

Tectonic Systems, LLC has the ability to produce a full 3-D building model to analyze specific portions, underground structures or overall site logistics and a variety of graphic rendering tools to produce graphics or story boards for discussion groups or for legal proceeding exhibits.

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