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Construction Claims Avoidance

Claims Avoidance ties hand-in-hand with Risk Management.  Claims Avoidance requires attention to operational details by all levels of management.  At Tectonic Systems, LLC we advocate direct assistance to all levels of personnel – mentoring, advising and assisting in the creation of an ongoing knowledgebase and associated skills for each level.


Field Personnel

  • Recognizing claim situations

  • Maintaining job diaries

  • Attendance at field meetings

  • Job site photos

  • Progress schedules

  • Productivity records

  • Notification requirements

  • Change order management.


Office Personnel

  • Drawing approvals

  • Equipment cuts

  • Plans and specifications

  • Separation of costs

  • Record keeping

  • Job cost systems

  • Special coding for delay related items.


Upper Management

  • Review of bidding requirements

  • Notification requirements

  • Record keeping

  • Timeliness of claim filing

  • Negotiation tactics

  • Court action vs. Arbitration or Mediation.


All personnel must stay tuned into the ever changing conditions.

  • Excessive change orders required

  • Constructive changes that will affect schedules

  • Schedule slippage and deviation

  • Interference by others

  • Inspection and testing problems

  • Delayed submittal approvals

  • Concealed and differing conditions

  • Design errors and omissions

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