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Documentation for Dispute Resolution

Disputes and Claims arise from unique situations and combinations of circumstances that are particular to a specific project.  Solutions are not a “one size fits all”.  Tectonic Systems, LLC will bring a team approach to the table to guide and assist in the collection and identification of existing project data and records to assess both sides of the dispute.

It is extremely important to understand the opposition’s position in order to plan and promote a resolution.  Timely action with a strong focus on objectivity is of paramount importance in the preparation and proposal of a resolution. 

It is often difficult if not impossible for the parties to the dispute to remain objective. This is where the consultant’s objectivity provides a strong platform for negotiation and possible resolution based strictly on the facts and data available.

Tectonic Systems, LLC will provide the experience base to assist in:

  • Entitlement -  qualify and quantify

  • Damages – qualify and quantify

  • Document identification, cataloging and classification

  • Productivity and usage analysis – Labor & Material/Equipment

  • Resolution proposals for discussion and negotiation

  • Expert Reports with opinions on action to be negotiated

  • BIM Analysis – 3-D graphics – story boards for use in negotiations.

  • Graphics for use in legal proceedings as demonstrative evidence

  • Full support services for Mediation/Arbitration/Litigation

  • Assistance in answering interrogatories

  • Preparation of comparative CPM Schedules which will effectively illustrate the “planned” vs. the “actual” project progress.

  • Professional expert witness services as necessary based on the specific problem and the engineering or business field of expertise required.

  • Work closely with Counsel throughout the dispute process.

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