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Risk Management

Risk Management is the identification and assessment of Risks prioritized by potential impact and tempered by the timely application of resources, decisions and affirmative action to minimize or avoid the affect on Project Cost and Schedules. ​

Construction Claims Avoidance

Claims Avoidance ties hand-in-hand with Risk Management.  Claims Avoidance requires attention to operational details by all levels of management. 

Documentation for Dispute Resolution

Disputes and Claims arise from unique situations and combinations of circumstances that are particular to a specific project.  Solutions are not a “one size fits all”. 


The Project Schedule takes on two distinct modes with a wide variety in between - AS-PLANNED and AS-BUILT. 

Graphical Analysis

Graphical analysis can be provided for all of the aspects of project monitoring, claims avoidance, dispute resolution and scheduling.

Construction Claim Preparation
Claim Analysis

Documentation support services for Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Arbitration or Litigation will produce a concise and detailed information base for the Client’s Counsel.

Surety Consulting

When problems occur on a construction project to the extent where the Surety has to become involved, immediate action is necessary to evaluate the problems, work stoppage or impending defaults.

Tilt Slab / Tilt Up

As a Project Manager for a major Northeastern General Contractor, I supervised the construction of Tilt-Up warehousing, distribution centers and office centers. Responsibility began during the bid procurement stage and extended through subcontract negotiation/bids, awards, site work, construction, scheduling, coordination, finishes and finally to punch list and contract closeout.

Management & Owners Representation

Put a professional Project Manager in the driver's seat - get your project done on time and within budget - Your Success is Our Success


Tectonic Systems, LLC has a mission to be the most creative construction consulting agency in the Tampa Bay Area. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies.

Let us help make your management goals a reality.

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