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Consulting Fee Schedule - Construction Related Services

Effective - January 1, 2017   Through   December 31, 2017

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Standard Fees

Per Diem $ 1,750.00 - ( 7 hour block ) Additional hours same day $ 250.00 /hr

Retainer Account

Per Diem $ 1,400.00 - ( 7 hour block ) Additional hours same day $200.00 /hr

  • A monthly retainer will be required to cover on-going services and expenses through  the course of engagement.  Monthly retainer is due and payable on or before the 25th of the month preceding the planned services.

Reimbursed Expenses

Wireless & connect charges, disbursements for Supplies and approved sub-services, etc.

Travel Time

Travel Time is charged at $ 150.00/hr. point to point. (All Consultants)

Reimbursed Travel Expenses

Public and/or private transportation, mileage, parking, tolls, taxi, lodging, meals, etc.

Billing and Terms

Billings are rendered monthly and compiled against the existing Retainer.   Amounts compiled in excess of the Retainer are billed to the Client.  Short-falls in compiled fees and expenses are credited to the next month's Retainer pool. 

At the conclusion of the Project, Retainer balances will be paid promptly to the Client.  

Terms are net ten (10) days on any items not covered by the Retainer.

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